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    Glass printing, bottle labeling, and silk screen decoration service company - specializing in wholesale printing on bottles, jars, and custom containers for the glass and ceramics food/beverage and medical industries


Bottle Screen Printing and Decoration

NEXT GLASS provides fast, dependable, custom glass bottle labeling services along with a variety of wholesale bottle printing and specialty UV glass printing solutions… always customer focused, committed to YOU with our “best-in-GLASS” service!


Contact us for a customized quote… if you need any help whatsoever or just have questions on how best to print and label your glass products. Simply choose our Next Glass Starter Kit for "Best-in-Glass" uv bottling labeling solutions!

Labeling & Distribution

Labeling & Distribution

Our Next Glass labeling services are fast easy and affordable... make us your one stop glass labeling solution! From Whiskey to Wine, Bottles to Jars, Ceramics to Containers, we stand ready to bring your NEXT GLASS products to market!



Need a fast turn-around on your NEXT GLASS bottle labeling and distribution? We offer a full range of quick turn around glass decoration services and products that are both fast and friendly for any size bottle, and any size budget!

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Unlike cheap bottle and glass labels find out why NEXT GLASS screen printing can help set your products apart... with breathtaking and affordable world-glass decoration services that will help put your brand ahead of the pack!

Building Your Brand

The aesthetic value & Impact of product branding


NEXTGLASS makes it all easy!  From Bottle Logo Design, glass art work layout, label illustration, file formatting & registration, press pre-flight proofing and sample preparation… to glass bottle decoration, assembly, packaging, and distribution…

We stand ready to become your Next Glass Screening Solution. Setting the standard for industry service with dazzling glass label printing and stunning 1 to full color label imprinting, assembly, packaging, and fulfillment.

As glass and bottle imprinting demand grows – new markets emerge for “on demand” digital labeling & help drive retail markets ever forward – NEXT GLASS print services continue to evolve and innovate customer product technology…

Leading the way with the latest, cost-effective digital screen glass bottle label printing solutions.  NEXT GLASS Premiere service forefront remains focused on YOU! Because our client’s success, ALWAYS defines ours…

• Fast Bottle Labeling Capacity

• Eco-Friendly Glassware Screening

• World Glass Bottle Decoration & Print Services

• Custom labeling for breweries, wineries, & distilleries

• Excellent Reliability, Durability, & 100% Recyclability

• Low Cost Production with Fast Turn-Around



Eric Fritz

Eric Fritz

Art Director / CoverArts

In the 5+ years I've worked with Brian at Next Glass, I've increasingly been impressed with his ability to provide customized solutions and to keep up with the industry present and future.