Bottle Printing Starter Kit

Glass & Bottle Starter Kits are fast, easy & affordable!



Customer supplies bottles to be printed and we complete for you


Supplies both the bottle/glass and completes printing for you (Turnkey Solution)


DEMAND: Customers NEED finished samples of their professionally printed art on bottles, containers, etc..
SOLUTION: NEXTGLASS sample kits of YOUR FINISHED PRODUCTS starting as low as $495 dollars!


FROM: bottle/container selection, art preparation & screen formatting for press, logo design, full color art imprinting, customer copy layout services… through pre-press proofing and DAZZLING BOTTLE ART DECORATION on press…
TO:  final sub-assembly and master carton delivery of your professionally completed sample kit for speculative presentation to any/all prospective buyers, distributors, public tastings etc …


BONUS: Once you’ve completed the sampling kit stage, this crucial work product can easily scaled to mass production at even LOWER COSTS! Your starter kit investment not only builds initial product good-will selling itself – your investment scales to the NEXT step as you grow into greater demand… small, medium, and yes even large scale production orders.


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360 degree screen printed bottle canvas


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