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Glass Decor Bottle Labeling Decoration

State of the art printing technology allows virtually any glass container to be decorated with rich, vivid labeling results.  Glass surface printing and bottle labeling uses a direct screen imprinting process known as ACL (Applied Ceramic Labeling) often referred to as “silk screen bottle printing” where special color inks are applied direct to the glass surface, and then cured/dried via a specialized UV (ultra-violate) light exposure. The process of screen printing on glass boasts one of the most robust print technologies that are both breathtaking with deep contrast color hues and aesthetically dazzling to the eye… resulting in high-resolution imprint of the glass artwork surface.

Virtually any glass substrate adheres to our custom screen print process, servicing a host of wholesale and retail markets, wine bottle printing, screen printed spirits, beers, cider, and Mead Labels, speciality containers, food & beverage labels, Cosmetic and skincare jars & bottles, medical bottle labeling, CBD Products, and more…

Screen Print Glass Bottles vs. Paper Label Branding

Screen printing on a glass offers a high-end premium aesthetic look and feel to any bottle or container.  Unlike cheap paper labels printing uv to glass helps build brand equity and enhanced market perception and durability.  Screen printing continues to dominate traditional paper labels bottles and plays a key role in consumer good will and branding.  The product label is indeed the “eye candy” that draws attention and captures consumer imagination, retention, and ultimately brand recognition.  Screen-printed direct to glass products play a significant part in an overall product marketing & branding process.  Screen printing also enables the brand to take advantage of a full 360 degree wrap around the glass substrate, with the addition of both Neck Printing and Shoulder Printing on glass, to create a impactful and unique bottle label for retail and wholesale brands.

What are the decoration advantages of ACL silk screen bottle printing?

  • Low-Cost Print with Robust durability and scratch resistance
  • No loose or floating labels due to osmosis problems or poor adhesion
  • Chemical and moisture resistant and no label smearing
  • Vibrant colorfastness and non solubility
  • Glass and Bottle Label Durability and Longevity
  • Full glass container 360 degree wrap-around labeling
  • Shoulder imprint and Neck printing of glass decor


Glass Bottle Screen Labeling

Glass Bottle Screen Labeling